Normoxic Trimix

Diving at depths up to 60m for Normoxic Trimix certified divers and bottoms times according to your level and experience. Whether you have just been introduced to the tech diving realm, or are an old hand seeking to explore more and extend your experience this trip has what you are looking for . Join [Scubalife] on a dive journey into history. Visit WW1 and WW2 wrecks, deep one-of-a-kind topographic formations and see human artifacts from another time. Perfect for Tech beginners who want to build experience and see some fantastic wrecks and deep dive sites. Tech 1 wrecks are all located in the 15-20 NM range from our base. Usually one good, long dive a day, our possible dives include :

PSS PATRIS on SW Kea – a British-built paddle steamer sunk in 1868. The Patris was making for Syros Island but foundered on the reef in the dark. All four hundred passengers and crew were rescued. She now sits in two sections at 50m and 30m. She’s a sleeping beauty, covered with growth all along the rib-like structures.

CS RETRIEVER at Glyfada , a small cable layer ship that was bombed and sunk in 1941 by the German Luftwaffe during the invasion of Greece.

MV PYLAROS at Alimos marina – a motor ship sunk in 1976 while avoiding collision with another ship She sits at 35 – 52 metres.

AVANTIS III (one of our flagship dives) Dorousa Island, Aegina – She was built in 1977 as a cargo ship. On November 19th, 2004 en route from Messolonghi to Cyprus carrying construction materials and crew of 12, she hit the islet and sank with one casualty.

SS ORIA at Patroklos Island – a Norwegian steam ship that was used as a transport vessel for Italian POWs before sinking near the island of Patroklos after being caught in a storm. Although the ship was recovered for scrap in the 60s, there are many fascinating artifacts to see strewn about the seabed.