Join us for the best diving in Athens and Attica!

Scubalife is at the heart of wreck diving in Greece.

Why dive with us?

Conveniently located within 10 nautical miles of our base, there are over 20 dive sites right on our doorstep. This is the best diving in Attica and a premier destination. From shipwrecks to car cemeteries to caverns and everything in between, there is a new dive spot on every corner.

Here at Scubalife, we want you to experience the best of authentic Greece away from the crowds. No matter what your level of diving experience, we offer a welcoming environment at an easy pace combined with traditional Greek hospitality. With this in mind we prefer a smaller number of divers on board which of course adds to your comfort and safety.

Why train with us?

For more than 12 years, we’ve been providing intelligent, effective recreational and technical dive training that has changed and enriched the lives of our customers.

Harnessing advances in technology and know-how, our courses are designed with you at the centre. Whether it’s an entry-level program, continuing your education, your first steps into technical diving or more.

Who we are

We founded Scubalife with a vision to redefine the way divers are trained and how they experience the underwater world.

We love to share our passion with divers and inspire them to dive and explore the wonders of the Aegean Sea.

Our core of elite instructors will guide you through your very first underwater breaths to longer, deeper technical dives and everything in between – sharing our knowledge and expertise to make you a safer, better diver.

Using up-to-date procedures and modern equipment in a relaxed, warm atmosphere, your safety and enjoyment are our priority.

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We sell and rent reliable equipment from selected manufacturers. Tried and tested by us.


Visit significant wrecks from the maritime history of the Aegean.


We hit the road, board a ferry or catch a flight; whatever it takes to explore domestic & world class diving and meet with other enthusiastic divers.