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Wreck and Cave Week in Paros Island


New wreck and cave destination in Greece!

We introduce an off the beaten track destination to include WW2 aircraft and a spectacular cave system in Paros island.

Besides the beautiful location and the Aegean spirit Paros has to offer, there are a few diving gems hidden in the heart of the Aegean to include the Amphitrite cave, the Bristol Beaufighter, an WW2 British aircraft and the MS Marianna cargo ship.

Local cuisine delights and the amazing landscape do not need an introduction. We will explore them too!

Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter on SW Naxos

MS MARIANNA – Originally known as “Neils Maersk” and later renamed by Greek ship owners, the “Marianna” was a 91 meter cargo ship built in 1961 in Holland.  The wreck sunk in 1981 whilst traveling from the Red Sea to the Port of Piraeus when it hit Amaras rocks between the islands of Naxos and Paros.   The ship was transporting several thousand tons of barley, metals and pesticides. All the 24 crew were rescued safely and today The Marianna wreck rests at 24meters depth. Originally it measured 35m long, but when it hit Amaras the bow was sticking out above water, so in 1982 it was exploded and now the bow rests on the rocks while the remaining ¾ of the ship is 20 meters away laying upright in the sand.

AMPHITRITE CAVE – The cave of Amphitrite is located on the SW side of Paros, amid a cluster of small islands. Amphitrite is the only known submarine cave in the Aegean sea and specifically in the Cyclades cluster. Its entrance is at -6m deep. Upon entering, there is a small cavern that reflects just a small fraction of the cave’s real beauty. Amphitrite has a very impressive decoration, with beautiful stalactite and stalagmite material enveloped in a delicate white sand veil. Amphitrite has 2 main lines. Line A is about 250m with a maximum depth of -24m and average depth at -17m. Line B about 150-180m and the maximum depth of -50m reaches. The cave has a steady temperature of 17-19 degrees Celsius all year round. In its depths, the diver will encounter a magnificent decoration, as the Amphitrite was a dry cave before 8.000-9.000 years ago. At -50m there are animal bone remains, probably from a turtle. Line A gives divers the opportunity of an easy swim, with a Nitrox bottom gas of 32% O2 that allows for at least a 45-50 minutes dive without deco.

Trip Schedule

  • Morning dive on MS Marianna wreck
  • Optional early PM dive on request
  • Morning dive on Amphitrite Line A, max depth 24m
  • Morning dive on the Bristol Beaufighter wreck, max depth 34m
  • Morning dive on Amphitrite Line B, max depth 53m
  • Morning dive on Amphitrite Line A & B, max depth 53m
  • Early morning dive on cavern

Info about this Trip

  • Please note, this is not a regular recreational dive trip and more extensive planning is required in terms of gas requirement, deco exposure and diving practice. Upon finishing analysing your gas mixes and building your equipment, there will be a thorough briefing on the description of the wreck, dive profile and safety procedures.
  • Given that more time is required for preps, you are kindly requested to arrive promptly at the dive centre to check out all your rental equipment and gases without having to rush anything.
  • Please make sure that you have your dive certification card(s) with you, or any evidence (mobile app, pdf, doc) that proves your qualification(s). Trimix certification if using Trimix mixes.
  • You are required to fill out the necessary forms for the content of your mixes and tank rentals. 
  • We also ask you need to fill out and sign the medical questionnaire and liability release forms.
  • Full cave diver certification
  • 6 days of wreck and cave diving
  • Available quarterly
  • Transfers from/to Paros airport
  • 6 dives
  • 4 dives on Amphitrite (2 on Line A + 2 on Line B)
  • 1 dive on Bristol Beaufighter
  • 1 dive on Marianna wreck
  • Boat fee, skipper & fuel
  • Dive guide
  • All tanks rentals (D12s, deco stage, dry suit inflation bottle and reg)
  • All gas (GUE standard gases) & top ups including two 18/45 fills
  • Dive centre amenities

Not included: 

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • 7 nights in a double room at 235€ per guest
  • 7 nights in a single room at 425€ per guest
  • Sunday, March 29thOutbound flight from Athens International Airport (ATH) to Paros Island (PAS)18:30 – 19:10Sunday, April 5thReturn flight from Paros Island (PAS) to Athens International Airport (ATH)13:50 – 14:30*Please book your outbound and inbound flight from your most convenient airport accordingly.*If flight connection on either route require a layover we can plan for an extra night stay.
  • All tanks used will be supplied by Scubalife and prepared before the dive trip. Please let us know if you dive CCR and need specific tanks accordingly.
  • All dives are subject to weather and sea conditions. Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure that trip will actually run, in case of non diveable conditions at the pre-scheduled spot, Scubalife will offer the choice of the following options:
    • Alternative dive destination if possible
    • Full refund of the trip in case trip is canceled
  • Trip must be paid in full 30 days prior to departure date

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