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SSI Extended Range


Your new diving experience starts at 45! Your technical diving gateway! 

You are probably here because there are some amazing dive spots and wrecks you can’t enjoy within recreational dive limits. 

The Extended Range (XR) course focuses on expand your diving skills as well as your knowledge to safely and confidently plan and execute dives up to 45 metres of depth using Air or Limited Trimix as a back gas and one deco mix up to 100% oxygen to accelerate your deco time obligation. You will learn to plan a dive using a Deco Plan Software to a maximum of 25 minutes of deco. 

You will learn to use of double tanks, use and handle of a deco stage tank, improve your basic skills including buoyancy, kicks and equally important to expand your situational awareness as a diver. 


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6 days

1 skill session / 6 open water dives

45 meters / 25 mins deco

Air or TMX21/25, EAN50

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