Recreational Week


Join us for the most fascinating diving around Athens and the Attica Peninsula in Greece for six days of recreational diving! With us at Scubalife its not all about wrecks and technical dives.

We also have some incredible reefs in the Saronic Gulf all within the recreational limit allowing everyone to experience some amazing dives aboard our diving boat “Mac D”. We never want anyone to miss out in diving and understand that deep wrecks do not interest everyone, for some its diverse aquatic life such as stingrays, turtles and octopus. 

For those keen divers we offer a week of diving searching for all the wonderful marine life that call the Aegean its home. 


2024 Scheduled Weeks

June 24-29
July 22-27
August 26-31
September 16-21

Info about this Trip

6 days

12-14 dives

30 meters / no deco

EAN32 or Air

Dive Sites on this Trip

Name / Type Depth Range Expertise Rating
The Arch / Rock formation 10-18m Novice
Car Cemetery/ Wrecks 22-32m Intermediate
SS Kyra Leni / Shipwreck 16-29m Intermediate
Arsida Canyon & Outer Wall Surface-12m/40m Intermediate
Koudounia Reef 4-37m Novice
Pothitos Islet / Rock outcrops 4-36m Novice
SS Oria / Shipwreck 6-34m Advanced
Seal Cave / Cavern 6-25m Intermediate
Medina Reef 4-20m Intermediate
Pothitos Reef 3-34m Intermediate
  • Novice: Basic scuba certification, dives infrequently (once a year), logged fewer than 25 dives, dives no deeper than 18m, little or no experience diving in similar waters and conditions.
  • Intermediate: Participated in some form of continuing diving education, logged between 25-100 dives, dives no deeper than 40m, dived in similar waters and conditions within the last six months.
  • Advanced: Advanced certification, diving for more than two years, logged over 100 dives, dived in similar waters and conditions within the last six months.

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