Nikos Vardakas

Founder / Head Instructor

Nikos Vardakas is the Founder and soul of Scubalife.

He is a passionate and dedicated diver, explorer and educator. With zest and enthusiasm, his purpose is to offer quality scuba diving training and experience levels.

Nikos started diving in 1999 and has been actively teaching since 2002 for numerous diving organizations. He is currently an active Hypoxic Trimix instructor with [SSI] and a Fundamentals instructor for GUE.

In 2002, on a quest to improve his skills and know-how, he came across the DIR (Doing It Right) philosophy, developed by GUE, adopting the principles that helped him develop a strong diving practice which continues to this day.

In 2003, he completed formal training in one of the first GUE classes ever held in the UK. He continues his GUE training with a Tech 1 class in Beirut in 2004 and a Cave 1 class in Florida in 2005.

He is also the GUE representative in Greece and, in 2009, was the first Greek to be certified as a GUE instructor. He hopes to pass on his knowledge to the Greek diving community.

In 2010 he created the GUE Greece dive community to promote news, events and projects that take place in Greece and worldwide.

Besides continuous training, Nikos has also been involved in numerous shipwreck exploration projects in Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Italy and England.

2012 was the year that the concept of Scubalife was first developed. Scuba Diving as a way of life. Collaborating with Mythical Adventures, Nikos ran liveaboard trips in the Aegean using a traditional Greek wooden boat as the divebase. For more than three years, we offered tailor-made liveaboard trips in the western Cyclades as well as hosting diving courses onboard “ENA” introducing our clients to the underwater and above water beauty of the Aegean.

In 2018 he founded Scubalife Dive Centre with a vision to offer divers the opportunity to expand their diving frontiers and promote Greece as one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean.

Nikos Vardakas is the Founder and soul of Scubalife.