How many wrecks are potentially available for a TWW?2022-04-05T13:34:42+03:00

There are more than five wrecks in the 10NM range from our dive centre and over twenty in the 20NM range.

What is the maximum number of divers in a TWW?2021-03-28T09:50:50+03:00

We aim to have a maximum of 6 divers on the boat.

What kind of boat do we use?2022-01-27T08:42:29+03:00

We own a 7M RHIB boat with fixed bottle racks for all doubles and stages with a cruising speed of between 25-30 knots.

How can I join a TWW?2021-03-06T17:53:53+03:00

Simply, check the scheduled weeks and book your spot! We have an online booking system so you know if there are spaces available. All divers select either the OC package or the CCR package based on their certification.

For those who have a Hypoxic certification they simply book the OC package.

What does the Tech 2 price include?2021-03-06T17:54:58+03:00

It includes the price for a bottom stage of Trimix and an oxygen deco stage to either extend the bottom time on a 40-60M range dive, or to be used on a 60-75M range dive. The total cost is calculated at the end of the week for the number of bottom stages used. Extra payments can either be made online, by card or with cash at the dive centre.

What happens in the event of adverse sea/weather conditions when dives are cancelled?2021-03-06T17:55:32+03:00

As you know all dives are subject to weather and sea conditions. However we make every attempt to ensure that no dive is missed, either by moving that dive to another time slot on the same day when conditions may improve, or in the case of a no-go. We will offer the choice of an alternative wreck destination if possible, make an extra dive on another day or fully refund the dive.

What depth ranges do we dive if there’s a group of both Normoxic and Hypoxic divers?2021-03-06T17:56:08+03:00

Usually, the schedule of the dives is based on the decision to either all dive wrecks within the depth range level of the whole group. So we all dive together in the 40-60M range or split the members of the group and dive as 2 separate teams.

For example, if within a group of 5 divers, 3 are Tech 2/CCR and 2 are Tech 1, either all the group will dive within 40-60M, or the group containing Tech 2/CCR will dive in the morning and the Tech 1 group will dive when the first group is back. In this case priority will be given to the group travelling the furthest to the wreck.

Does Scubalife hold spare parts for rebreathers?2021-03-06T17:56:53+03:00

Scubalife doesn’t hold any spare parts or specific tools for rebreather units besides the tanks, spares for valves and Sofnolime.

Do Helium price changes affect the package cost?2021-03-06T17:57:21+03:00

Normally we stock Helium well in advance of the week commencing. Therefore our package prices are updated accordingly. However helium prices are subject to periodic fluctuation. We will endeavour to give you notice of any price changes.

Are airport transfers included in the package price and how long is the transfer journey?2021-03-06T18:03:38+03:00

Yes, all package prices include transfers from/to the airport and it takes around 30 minutes drive to the dive centre.

Do you offer different accommodation options depending on budget and type, i.e., hotel or self catering?2022-04-18T16:27:44+03:00

Yes, we offer different accommodation based on the budget and type. We primarily promote accommodation options that do not require transportation and are located within walking distance from the dive centre where quests can easily roam around the town, walk at the pier or enjoy restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Accommodation options may include shared houses or apartments in the town.

We are happy to sort out your needs whether a lonely wolf, couple or families.

Is there a local supermarket for self catering?2021-03-06T18:05:13+03:00

Absolutely. There are numerous super markets, bakeries, meat shops and grocery shops to choose for your goodies. You can even buy your fresh fish directly from the fishing boats in the harbor.

Can you arrange sight seeing and trips to downtown Athens including the Acropolis?2021-03-06T18:05:37+03:00

We can offer you sightseeing trips in our hood including the Tempe of Poseidon. If you wish for a visit to the city of Athens we can arrange transportation for you at extra cost.

What car hire/public transport is available?2021-03-06T18:06:06+03:00

There is a public transportation bus line that connects the town of Palea Fokea directly with downtown Athens in an hourly basis. Bus stop is literally in front of the dive centre. It takes around one and half our drive and ticket is at 5€ one way.

Terms of Booking2021-03-06T18:06:33+03:00
  • All packages must be paid in full prior to arrival.
  • A NON refundable deposit of 30% is required upon booking.
  • The balance is due 30 days prior to the TWW.
  • No refund of the balance if you cancel within 30 days prior to the TWW.
  • All divers must have dive insurance that covers technical diving to their certification level.
  • You must complete a medical questionnaire and liability release form before diving.


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