About us

About us

We started Scubalife with a vision to dive and explore the wonders of the Aegean Sea. This ethos has enabled us to experience all the hidden corners and islands of the Aegean. Our passion is diving and we want to share that with you! 

Nikos Vardakas, Founder/Managing Director


Mission Statement
Scubalife was founded by people with a true passion and love for the aquatic world. We strive to always improve the quality and standards of our diver education programs. We believe in a lifelong and holistic approach to enable exploration and protection of the underwater realm.

In line with this vision, Scubalife aims:

  • To develop safe, skilled & thinking divers
  • To provide the resources and education that will enable scuba diving to be fun, safe and ultimately part of a complete lifestyle
  • To build a community of divers that share common goals and interests
  • To provide all the resources & logistics, so that our guests can safely explore and enjoy the wonders of Greece as a truly unique diving destination
  • To conduct Aquatic Exploration and Conservation Projects in Greece and internationally too.



[Scubalife Dive Center, Registration Number 399, Port Authority of Lavrio]



Address & contact

Galinis 2

Palaia Fokaia 190 13


Tel/Fax: +30 22910 41775

Mob.: +30 6976 103254

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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