GUE Drysuit Diver


If your diving activities have extended bottom times or you would like to dive in colder water, you will need proper thermal protection. GUE’s Drysuit Diver course prepares divers for dry suit diving using proper equipment and techniques.

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The best training I have ever had! Nothing to do with the previous ones! Waste of money and time… Before the course I listened to all kinds of nonsense about GUE from people who do not know what they are talking about. Apparently GUE sets a high bar and is an example of HOW it should be to train divers. Nikos has done an amazing job.Whatever I say will be not enough. Do It Right or don’t do it at all! Thanks for everything!

- George V. , Student Review

Nikos is calm underwater, friendly on land and eager to illustrate concepts based on his real-life experience.

- Alexandros A., Student Review

Nikos was fantastic. He managed the time so well to give us a smooth transition between drysuit primer and fundies. I’ve told so many friends about the post dive video review, as we say, the camera doesn’t lie. But it was such a fantastic tool to get a better perspective on where problems are that you can’t guy from a first person view in the water. Nikos took so much time, often past dinner, to go through minor details with incredible feedback. It was greatly appreciated that he dedicated so much of his time to us that week. I certainly would do another course with Nikos and GUE and have already recommended him to others.

- Matthew C., Student Review

2 days

2 dives

18 meters / no deco



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