Our Treats

We prepare fresh traditional Greek food including vegetables, fish and meat for you at meal times, along with Greek spirits all sourced from local producers. We certainly believe that our strong emphasis on food and Greek hospitality really enhances the character of our trips and allows our guests to taste something of the real Greece! 

Breakfast menu

  • Coffee - Tea
  • Milk with cereal
  • Yogurt with Greek honey and nuts
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Fresh bread with butter and home made marmalade
  • Hard-boiled or fried eggs from free range home farmed chickens


  • Yogurt with Greek honey and nuts (when it's not included in Breakfast)
  • Vanilla cake or Crepes
  • Sandwiches with cream cheese
  • Seasonal fruits

1st day: Sole fillet or Perch with lentils
2nd day: Spinach with rice and yogurt
3rd day: Cheese pie or Tart with mixed cheeses and Cretan cherry tomatoes with green salad
4th day: Omelette with vegetables or Strapatsada
5th day: Burger with Greek salad
6th day: Briam: Greek mixed roast vegetables
7th day: Cold Pasta salad

  • Velour or frumenty soup
  • Hot beverages (tea, chocolate,Greek coffee )
  • Tray with sliced vegetables (carrots cucumbers-peppers) and yogurt dip

1st day: Chicken with potatoes in lemon sauce
2nd day: Spaghetti with mincemeat
3rd day: Peas artichokes with lemon sauce
4th day: Grilled fish with potato salad
5th day: Pork steak with rice
6th day: Gemista (Green peppers and tomatoes filled with rice)


  • Yogurt-lemon mousse with crumbed biscuits
  • Mosaic with chocolate and biscuits
  • Kaimaki flavor ice-cream with homemade sweets

*All main meals are served with salad, bread and Feta cheese.



Address & contact

Galinis 2

Palaia Fokaia 190 13


Tel/Fax: +30 22910 41775

Mob.: +30 6976 103254

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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