Liveaboard Diving in Greece

The best way to explore underwater Greece!

The most efficient way to explore and maximise the diving potential of our seafaring nation is on board our vessel.

Having acquired experience from our many foreign dive trips, and knowing the domestic potential available, we can offer a world class diving experience with customer service to match for our guests.
The ease and comfort provided on our boat will allow you to reach any cove or dive site within the enormous seascape of Greece!
Alternatively, you are free to just snorkel and enjoy the beautiful clear waters, you can swim and sunbath on the deck. Between dives, you can rest, relax and just enjoy the journey. At every stop, you can go ashore to visit cultural sites, places of archaeological interest, villages, trails, local cuisines etc all without hurry or stress. Our schedules allow for a relaxed and enjoyable pace.

And of course all with the care, hospitality and friendliness of the Scubalife team!

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Check our boat, Trechantiri "ENA" here.




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Palaia Fokaia 190 13


Tel/Fax: +30 22910 41775

Mob.: +30 6976 103254

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