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The Saronic Gulf coasts of the Aegean Sea are some of the most popular and well known seascapes in all of Greece. They surround an important and heavily populated county; the prefecture of Attica. This includes the capital city of Athens, and therefore thousands of people use this coastal area as a base for their summer and winter water based activities.


Our goal within this project is to map out the current state of underwater conditions and environmental degradation that has occurred from the continuous and intense presence of visitors and boat traffic.
We have chosen Vouliagmeni 1st Cove as the initial station of the Saronic Gulf project for gathering and recording of data. Vouliagmeni is one of the main individual coves in the Saronic Gulf.
It is a very popular choice for both swimmers and divers alike, as it serves as a perfect base for a wide range of scuba activities due to easy and quick access.It is also the nearest weather protected cove in the southern suburbs of Athens.
Our goal is to record and document the existing conditions at the site. Large numbers of divers visit this bay throughout their diving careers, so it is important for us to highlight this area of outstanding natural beauty.
By doing this, we aim to raise awareness that our seas need protecting for future generations and that action needs to be taken now.

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