GUE Class Onboard our Vessel

GUE Class onboard our vessel

Why take a GUE class in Greece?

Generally Greece is little known as a diving destination. Part of this reason is the legislation that existed until 2005. This kept diving restricted on a large scale and limited Greece's ability to market itself as a premiere diving destination.
This has now all changed.
Having acquired experience from our many foreign dive trips, and knowing the domestic potential available, we can offer a world class diving experience with customer service to match for our guests.

Why choose a boat to operate from?
Simply, because there is no better way to explore literally every corner of the thousands of kilometers of Greek coastline. Every cove and bay is a new dive site.
Imagine taking the boat out and mooring in a sheltered cove to undertake your training dives. Literally walking on deck to the ladder and directly entering the beautiful clear Aegean Sea, with more than 20M visibility. Then get back on board to continue with theory, eating delicious Greek food freshly prepared for you at meal times. All gasses and equipment needs are taken care of with total efficiency.
And of course you are still on holiday enjoying the sunshine and stunning landscapes.
As we are on a boat we can quickly change dive plans depending on the weather conditions and experience levels. We offer wrecks and reefs to suit every level of diver experience.

Boat Route & Itinerary
You are not just simply staying on board as a base for your training. We actually cruise around some of the most beautiful Aegean Islands and visit amazing dive sites. Once your class commences on board "ENA", a totally different experience begins. A class not that only redefines the way you dive but also defines your experience by diving in Greece. 

Please note all diving itineraries are subject to change due to local weather/sea conditions, but we will always endeavour to dive!

Key Facts
• Average sea temp in Greece is 20.3 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
• Sea temp ranges from as low as 16 degrees Celsius in January to as high as 27 in August.
• Although this depends on various parameters and local conditions, guests should expect to experience no less than 15m of visibility underwater.
• Numerous dives sites including wrecks & reefs to suit all experience levels.



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